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SiSTEM & TCLAS Grants - Working Together

The expiration date for the Texas Covid Learning Acceleration Support (TCLAS) grants is looming. SiSTEM Tutoring can help your school system make the most of available funds while empowering students, teachers, and administrators. LEAs that received funding have about a year to spend their remaining balance.  SiSTEM Tutoring, a TEA-Approved Full Service Provider can help districts with Decisions 6, 8, and 11.

TCLAS Accelerates Learning 

TCLAS helps schools accelerate learning by providing strategic planning, material optimization, enhanced teacher pipelines, and the time and space students need in order to master course concepts. TCLAS helps schools embrace a high-impact learning model, helping educational institutions meet HB 4545 requirements. 

What Makes High-Impact After-School Support?

What exactly does high-impact after-school support look like? After-school learning can look different depending on the student, but TCLAS helps all children find a path suitable for their learning style. SiSTEM helps to facilitate:

  • After-school sessions 4 days a week for at least 3+ hour sessions. 
  • Staff-to-student ratios of 1:15, something children do not get in a typical classroom. 
  • Full-time staff members are assigned to individual students to help focus on big projects. 
  • Enrichment activities to help students form a love of learning and embrace challenges along with success. 

Tailored Tutoring for Student Success

Awardees who are interested in using grant money to invest in high-impact tutoring see success when partnering with SiSTEM Tutoring. SiSTEM is able to offer tutoring that is tailored to student's specific needs, for a fully-customized after-school experience. Tutors will work closely with students to work on challenge areas, giving parents consistent updates on progress and allowing classroom teachers extra time to continue covering required materials during class time. 

If you are ready to embrace the impacts of tutoring with SiSTEM, contact us today! 


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