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Measuring Tutoring Effectiveness

If you are a tutor, proving your effectiveness is one of the best ways you can market your services! By showing off the success of your students, you are not only rising them up but promoting your tutoring skills, too. Don’t be afraid to throw a humble brag into your marketing pitch by measuring the true effectiveness of your tutoring sessions. 

Independent Problem-Solving 

There are lots of ways to measure the effectiveness of tutoring. Growth can appear both inside and outside of the classroom for students who take advantage of assisted learning services. One key attribute to look out for in your students is the ability to problem-solve independently. If they are able to work through challenges on their own as a result of the confidence tutoring has instilled in them, this is a tremendous success. 

Student Survey

If you have not given your students the opportunity to provide you with feedback, you are doing a disservice to your individual growth as a tutor! At least once a semester, allow your students to give open feedback, or have them complete a pre-determined survey to answer questions that specifically align with the areas in which you want to improve. Feedback is a gift and the results you gain can be used to your advantage! 

Quality of Questions Asked

If your students are asking more inquisitive questions now versus when you started tutoring them, this is a sign of success! Take note of the quality of questions your students ask you along their tutoring journey. Instead of just quantity, encourage them to really think about what problem they are trying to solve and what context clues will help them get there. 

Grades and Scores! 

Of course, a rise in student grades is one of the most quantitative ways to prove your effectiveness as a tutor! Taking a student who is struggling in a course and helping them find success through repetition, practice, and effective problem-solving is no easy task. If your student is able to pass classes and retain information for a longer period of time thanks to your teaching guidance, hats off to you! 

SiSTEM Tutoring is proud to offer effective marketing services to help you gain new clients and retain those who you serve. These tips and tricks serve as additional data points and are just the icing on the cake! If you are ready to take the next step in your tutoring journey, contact us today to get started. 


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