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How to Succeed in Any Math Class

If you are taking a math class in your spring semester, you've come to the right place! Starting your semester off on the right foot is the best way to ensure that you earn a good grade in the class while understanding all of the materials so you can utilize the credit as a prerequisite. If you are somebody who has struggled in math classes previously, have no fear. This article will help you learn the best tips and tricks on how to succeed in any math class. 

Never Miss Class (But If You Do)

The best way to make sure that you don't miss out on any new topics or information is to make attending class a top priority. Make sure to schedule your time accordingly so that you prioritize a consistent record of attendance. Not only will this help you make sure you are up to date on all of your assignments, but it proves to your teacher or professor that you take the course seriously. 

If you do happen to miss a class (because let's face it, it happens to everyone!) due to being sick or any other reason, it is your responsibility to make sure that you get all of the notes and materials from a peer or classmate. Taking ownership over your learning is the best way to show your math class who's boss! 

Create a Study Group

Studies show that when tackling coursework in a group setting, each individual member shows more success independently. If you haven't yet tried to form a study group in your math class, now is the time to do so. Not only will this help you branch out and network in your classes, but it will create a community within a subject that is not your favorite. As you learn to work with your peers, math will become a little less scary. You will have a group to rely on for notes, exam preparation, and peer mentorship. 

Read The Syllabus Fully 

At the beginning of the semester, be sure to read your syllabus in full. Instead of just freezing over the topics for the first week of class, Write down all of your assignments in your planner so that you can be best prepared. This is a great way to compare the due dates of assignments in your math class, to assignments in your other classes. When it comes to time management, this is the ultimate hack! 

Learn How To Take Productive Notes

Note-taking in a math class is much different than taking notes in an english or history course. Learning how to take productive notes is a process of trial and error. Be sure to prioritize organization and clean penmanship, so that you can refer back to your notes as a single point of truth when studying or preparing to hand in an assignment. 

Seek Out Tutoring! 

If you are struggling, do not suffer in silence. There is a multitude of resources out there to help you be as successful as possible in your classes. One of these resources is tutoring! If you are struggling in your math class, visit SiSTEM Tutoring to get connected to a tutor who can help you today.