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How Building Toys Inspire STEM Careers

When you think of STEM education, what comes to mind? In the past, schools have made STEM education feel heavy, complicated, and even downright boring! This doesn't have to be the case - inspiring careers and learnings in STEM can be an exciting journey for children. If you are looking to help students inspire a STEM career, building is a great way to do so. In this article, we will explore how building toys can inspire STEM careers! 

DIY Telescope

Studying the stars is exciting, but you can't do so without a proper telescope! Help inspire your students about astronomy and engineering by killing two birds with one stone. By crafting their own telescope, they will be able to play around with different materials to see what gives them a clearer picture of the sky above, opening up the world around them. 

Predict The Weather

By creating a weather chart, you will be able to help your students predict future weather patterns based on studying past trends. By forecasting the weather, students will be able to be more aware of their environment and get excited about the world of environmental science! 

Egg Drop

Everyone remembers the egg drop experiment from back in elementary school. But it really is a beneficial learning activity! Give children the opportunity to decorate their eggs to raise the stakes in wanting them to protect their masterpieces. Give them materials to build parachutes and landing docks to help them understand gravity, force, and inertia. 

Make a Floating Boat

To spark an interest in both engineering and the ocean, encourage students to make a boat that floats! Give them buoyant materials and allow them to experiment with what floats best in the water. To add an extra layer of pressure, encourage them to load “cargo” onto their creations! 

Make a Website 

For older children interested in coding and computer science, task them with creating their own app or website. Even better, have family and friends use their product and give feedback for future interactions! Children learn best when given immediate and consistent feedback from those they love and trust. 

We hope this article helps inspire you with new ideas to task your students with. Who knows - you could help the next great pioneer in STEM discover their calling.