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Computer STEM Projects to Try at Home

Ready to spark a love for STEM learning with your child or tutoring client? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Design a Robot Prototype

When it comes to engaging in STEM projects at home, it is important to keep children engaged and offer relevant projects that pique their interest. One of the best activities you can try is the design a robot challenge! Give your child or student a few materials to work with so that they can build their dream robot. You can also assign some guidelines, such as making the robot move or giving it a certain functionality. Remind the child that this is simply a prototype, to relieve stress and help boost their creativity throughout the process. 

Create a Website on Your Laptop

For children who are interested in coding and Technical skills, encouraging them to create a website of their own is a great idea. There are many different sites out there that can help guide first-time website builders through the process, meaning the lift will be very little for you as the tutor or parent. Allowing them to explore with an online tool will help them create new ideas in the real world and in the virtual reality space. 

Make a Video Game

For children who are interested in gaming, encourage them to create their own video game using a console tool! Children who are avid gamers have likely experienced multiple different gaming devices, tools, and avenues, giving them the real UX research needed to succeed in building a video game of their own. 

Use Visual Aids for Math Problems 

Using visual aids for math problems is a great way to incorporate learning with building. Allow your child to take a hands-on approach to learn math by building a dashboard or using a custom whiteboard that they have built themselves to organize problems and help spark joy in problem-solving. 


Coding is another great opportunity for students who are interested in the tech space. There are many high school and collegiate level programs that can help continue and foster this love of learning if it is developed early on. Similar to website building, there are plenty of coding courses available online to help students learn the basics. 

Make an App

For students who are Avid iPad or cell phone users, encourage them to use their screen time in a productive way by making an app. Apps are a great way to combine coding expertise with a love of design, to exercise both the right and left sides of the brain. 

We hope this article helped you discover new STEM projects to try at home with your child or tutoring client. To find a tutor to help spark Joy when it comes to learning contact SiSTEM tutoring today.