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CEO of SISTEM Tutoring Recognized as a Top 20 Entrepreneur by The NYC Journal!

The SiSTEM team is extremely excited to announce the recognition of our very own, Pearl Ubaru! Peal has spearheaded the inception and growth of SiSTEM Tutoring, resulting in significant growth occurring over the 2022 year. (I mean, we HAVE to brag!) Pearl has been named a Top 20 Entrepreneur by the NYC Journal and clearly, we are proud! 

Pearl is a champion for students everywhere, with a focal point on supporting the educational journeys of girls, women, and BIPOC students across the U.S. Our Houston-based digital tutoring agency offers virtual tutoring as well as in-person campus immersion services to help provide students with the tools they need to be successful both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Pearl is an ex-teacher turned data-savvy corporate genius and CEO to beat. She uses her true love for teaching and strategic data-centered decision-making skills to provide a structure that is built to truly deliver on the promise of creating a functional, effective, and celebratory space for students to learn, fail, discover, and keep moving forward. 

All of us here at SiSTEM are proud to have such a distinguished leader, and we encourage you to follow along our journey with us by subscribing to our blog, following us on socials, and spreading the word of SiSTEM to students near you!