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CEO of SiSTEM Tutoring Named One of Top 20 Successful Entrepreneurs to Look Out For in 2023

Have you heard the news? Our very own CEO, Pearl Ubaru, has received recognition from The NYC Journal as one of the top 20 successful entrepreneurs to look out for in 2023. Pearl has made an undeniable impact on the education industry through SiSTEM Tutoring.

Pearl cultivates the foundation for academic success and fosters a love of learning. She combines her STEM skills with her passion for supporting students to encourage students to soar. As of Spring 2022, 87% of SiSTEM students reported a 10% increase in their grades, and 98% of SiSTEM students reported increased confidence in themselves and their schoolwork - which is the core of what it's all about! This is just the beginning, as SiSTEM Tutoring gears up for even bigger growth in the new year.

SISTEM Tutoring is proud to guide students ages 4 and up in Science, Math, English, and Foreign Language subjects. Students can choose between in-person or virtual learning environments to help accommodate all learning styles. SiSTEM’s mission is to cultivate a high standard of academic achievement through exceptional educational resources and services that unlock the true academic potential of all students.

At its core, SiSTEM Tutoring was created to address disparities in education faced by girls, women, and BIPOC students. With Pearl's guidance, the SiSTEM team is actively working to offer aid in these spaces, championing student success, and helping every individual find a bit of magic in learning. 

If you would like to seek tutoring services or join the SiSTEM team, check out our website today!