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Balancing Tutoring as a College Student

Are you a college student interested in tutoring to help others and earn a little extra cash on the side? Tutoring is a great side0hustel for college students, as they can brush up on previously learned topics, gain community service hours, and earn some cold hard cash, too! Finding clients is easy with the SiSTEM platform, but balancing tutoring with your life as a college student might take some practice. Here are some tips to help! 

Using a Calendar to Help Schedule 

If you don’t currently use a calendar or planner to schedule your days, now is the time to start! Because tutoring will take up some of your free time and study sessions, it is important to reallocate those responsibilities into other time slots. Using a calendar is a great way to do this so that you can ensure you do not over-commit yourself and still prioritize your academic endeavors. 

Communicate with Your Clients

Communication is key in any relationship, especially when it comes to building your repertoire with clients! If you are unable to make a session for any reason or need to reschedule last minute, it is crucial to keep your client in the loop. This helps build trust between the two of you and lets them know you take their learning and success seriously! 

Know Your Busy Weeks (Hello, Finals!)

At the beginning of the semester, be sure to block off your busy weeks so that clients know off the bat when you are in exams. Give yourself 2-weeks to prepare for and complete exams, where all you have to focus on is your own learning and education. Your studies should be a priority, so being proactive is the way to go! 

Prioritize Work-Life Balance 

College is supposed to be fun - so be sure to schedule in time with friends and family, too! If you have passion projects you are working on or just want to go out to dinner with classmates after a long week, allow yourself this luxury. These four years will fly by, which is why embracing college life while it lasts is so valuable. 


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